The Game Changer - Game Face Pro vs Chemical Sunscreens

The Game Changer - Game Face Pro vs Chemical Sunscreens

Protecting People & The Planet

Meet the hero of our story: Invisible Zinc Oxide. With a powerful presence of 25%, this ingredient acts like a knight in shining armor, reflecting pesky UV rays off your skin. It’s gentle enough for the tenderest of skins, making it safe even for babies. But our story doesn’t end with just sun protection; it’s about treating your skin with love and care.

Imagine slathering on sunscreen that’s more like a health smoothie for your skin, packed with the goodness of Sunflower Seed Oil. This ingredient is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, nourishing and moisturizing your skin to perfection. Then, there’s Jojoba Seed Oil, the hydration hero that keeps your skin breezy and breathable without clogging your pores. Picture Calendula Extract soothing your skin like a lullaby, calming any irritation. And let’s not forget Kakadu Plum Extract, bursting with more vitamin C than an orange, giving your skin a brightening boost. Vitamin E acts as the guardian against environmental villains, ensuring your skin remains at peace. Each ingredient in our sunscreen is handpicked to pamper and protect, from the zesty zing of Grapefruit Peel Oil to the natural pigment and protection offered by Iron Oxides.

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the eco-warrior status of our sunscreen. It’s totally reef-friendly, allowing you to dive into the ocean worry-free, knowing your sunscreen loves the sea as much as you do.

On the flip side, chemical sunscreens come with a cocktail of ingredients that might absorb UV but can also irritate your skin and harm the environment. But why settle for that when you can go mineral with Game Face Pro? Our mineral sunscreen is gentle, safe, and kind to all skin types. It’s free from chemicals that could harm marine life and gives your skin a subtle, natural glow without the grease.

Our sunscreen isn’t just a barrier; it’s a blend of skin-loving, earth-caring, smile-inducing goodness. Sunflower Seed Oil and Jojoba are like best friends to your skin, keeping it hydrated and happy. Hyaluronic Acid, often seen in fancy face creams, brings top-notch hydration to our sunscreen. The dynamic duo of Vitamin C and E fights off environmental bad guys while keeping your skin looking youthful.

So, are you ready to Game Face your day? Whether you’re hitting the surf or just going for a jog, Game Face Pro has got your back (and face, and arms, and legs). Join the fun in the sun revolution with Game Face Pro Mineral Sunscreen – because your skin deserves the best, and so does the planet!

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